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Smart Airport Buddy in Lyon

Lyon airport launched a Chatbot in early 2017 to automate the most frequent request that they received on their Zendesk Chat widget on their website. After 3 months of trial, they multiplied the number of conversations on their Chat by 3, but divided the volume of work for their teams by 70%. Today, the usage and the level of automation keep improving.

In one year, here are the results :

  • 18x more engagement
  • -80% of workload for agents
  • +5% conversion rate on parking reservations


Hotel Booking Assistant

Many business travelers book their flights but don’t book their hotel rooms at the same time. Therefore, delaying the moment of the booking until the last minute.
A conversational Bot for the right hotel seems like an easy process to capture the users early on with a simple yet efficient solution. Therefore, improving the hotel/flight ratio in sales and raising the margins by suggesting hotels with preferred agreements for the corporates.


Mobility assistant for commuting

Paris metro is the largest metro system in world. With more than 3 billion users every year, it’s a real challenge to operate but also manage so many lines & means of transportation. The RATP worked with Destygo to build a smart mobility assistant on Facebook Messenger. The bot has FAQ capabilities, can calculate real time itineraries and informs travelers proactively in case of disruptions and issues on their lines.

After a few months, here are the results :

  • +1500 active users per day
  • + retention rate
  • +10% growth week over week

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