Connecting airlines
and passengers
with A.I.

Improve the travel experience, collect data from customers and increase revenues

Can I have my boarding pass please ?

Of course, here it is :

Optimize airline service with your smart assistant

Delight your airline’s travelers with AI and chatbots.

Checkin & Boarding pass
Our system connects to your webservices easily for seamless E-commerce
Flight information
We’ll connect directly to your back office or to your preferred Partner (FlightStats, SITA). Travelers will always be notified in real time.
Luggage information

The Bot will guide your travelers through their most frequent questions.

Create a personalized experience

The traveler has access to all the information needed for their journey.

Boost customer satisfaction

A new communication channel, available 24/7 for all your travelers 

Generate new revenues

Offer personnalized deals to your travelers.

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