Connecting airport
and passengers
with A.I.

Improve the travel experience, collect data from customers and increase revenues
When is my flight AF0125
from Paris leaving ?
Here’s some informations :

Optimize airport service with your smart

personal assistant

Delight airport visitors with AI and chatbots.
Parking information
Our system connects to your webservices easily for seamless E-commerce
Flight information
We’ll connect directly to your back office or to your preferred Partner (FlightStats, SITA). Travelers will always be notified in real time.
Shopping & Retail
The Bot will guide your travelers through enjoyable shopping experiences

Generate additional revenues

The Bot boosts your conversion rate for parking reservation.

Answer any questions 24/7

Never leave a traveler without an answer : the Bot is always available.

Improve customer experience

Boost your travelers’ satisfaction with this seamless experience.

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